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0.62 [David Haywood]


- Still some unknown reads / writes (it writes all over the place ...)

- Inputs / DSW's need finishing / verifying.

- The 87C751 MCU for sound has not had its internal program ROM dumped. So the sound MCU is simulated here - and therefore not 100% correct.


- PCB: This is a Tennis game :) Unfortunately my board does not make music or sound anymore :( Hope the it_20.bin (eprom at right of the Oki chip) is ok, at least it always reads the same in the eprom burner and it's not filled with 0s :) You can play with some boys and girls, an old man, a small kid and even with a dog! And remember, Winners don't use Drugs ;)

- Sound command 29h is fired when the game is completed successfully. It requires a melody from bank one to be playing, the real MCU doesn't set the bank though. Consequently, the "Game, Set and Match" vocal is not played.