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Silent Scope 2

0.86 [Ville Linde]


- 0.110u3: Ville Linde added dual-screen support for Silent Scope & Silent Scope 2. Changed visible area to 512x384.

- 0.104u1: Changed visible area to 1024x384.

- 0.102u1: Added RF5C400 stereo sound. Changed user4 roms to sound1.

- 0.102: Added second ADSP21062 (36MHz) CPU and dipswitches 'Screen Flip (H)/(V)', 'Harness' and 'Monitor Type'.

- 6th November 2005: Ville Linde - Silent Scope was using the alternate RAM layout of the tilemap chip. I decided to implement this feature, and now the test menu is working and the actual game is showing the copyright screen. The game won't go past that screen for now due to some SHARC-related problems.

- 0.97u1: Added ADSP21062 (36MHz) CPU3 and dipswitches.

- 5th June 2005: Ville Linde - Turns out that Konami Hornet and NWK-TR games require some preformatted data in their backup RAMs (probably as a protective measure). So far I've managed to find the correct values for Gradius 4, Silent Scope, Racing Jam and Racing Jam 2, leaving Silent Scope 2 and Thrill Drive to be done. Silent Scope and Racing Jam start to boot but end up spinning much like Racing Jam 2.

Romset: 25088 kb / 8 files / 15.5 zip