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Super Punch-Out!!

0.33b3 [?]


- The game runs on two monitors, positioned one above the other. Since the top monitor is mostly informational, you might want to cut it out to enlarge the play area. You can do that enforcing a suitable screen size.


- Incorrect sound on Dragon Chan's kick. The kick is supposed to make a "whoosh" sound as it completes. I made two videos to demonstrate the difference, one with a camcorder pointed at my SPO arcade machine and the other is a screen capture from MAME v.106. punchout op manual and schematic diaglams for reference. spnchout0106u10gre MaximRecoil


- 0.106u8: Aaron Giles converted the Punch Out driver to a proper dualscreen game (2x 256x224). Rewrote the video portion to use tilemaps.

- 0.58: Full VLM5030 sound emulation. Samples are no longer needed.

- 22nd January 2002: Tatsuyuki Satoh fixed the noise generator in the VLM5030 sound chip emulation, completely removing the need for samples.

- 21st January 2002: Tatsuyuki Satoh submitted a new, much improved version of the VLM5030 sound chip emulation, used for speech in (Super) Punch-Out and a few other drivers. It is now more than 90% accurate to the original, and only a few small problems remain.

- 14th May 2000: Guru - Dumped Super Punchout (Nintendo, Alt).

- 0.36RC1: Added clone Super Punch-Out!! (Japan).

- 0.36b13: Changed clock speed of the N2A03 to 1789772 Hz. Replaced NES and DAC sound with Nintendo.

- 26th December 1999: and Matthew Conte contributed a new NES sound driver and also some fixes to SNK games sound.

- 0.36b5: Replaced the M6502 CPU with a N2A03.

- 0.35b1: Replaced Super Punch Out with a good set. Tatsuyuki Satoh and Ernesto Corvi worked out the Super Punch Out protection.

- 0.33b6: Tatuyuki Satoh fixed bug in VLM5030 emulator which caused samples not to work.

- 0.33b3: Tatsuyuki Satoh did another step forward in getting Super Punch Out to work (still NOT playable).

- 0.31: Nicola Salmoria added Super Punch Out (Nintendo 1984). Doesn't work due to copy protection.


Category: Boxing

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Romset: 300 kb / 33 files / 171 zip