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Splendor Blast

0.61 [Acho A. Tang]


* Full Protection


- On boot the pcb displays a clean light blu screen while in mame there is a black road. splndrbt0103u2gre1 Kold666

- On the first level when you pass the asteroid belt the star road should be light blue instead of black like mame. At the end of the level the backround is black like mame (see screenshots). splndrbt0103u2gre2 Kold666

- All the Alpha Denshi pcbs of early 80s use the SAME sound board marked: "SOUND BOARD NO.59 MC 07" with different EPROMS but the same PROM (so mame it's right in loading the same prom). You can infact swap the sound boards between the games providing the right eproms. The are 3 independent potentiometers for Music, sound effects and frequency. The frequency one varies the music tempo of the MSM5232. Currently mame uses it to the max frequency. I noticed that the sound emulation is not right, it misses the drummming. It is done by the AY8910 and it's a sort of a filtered white noise. If I put out from the board the Ay8910 I get a continuous white noise. So I am resonably sure the MSM5232 triggers the AY8910 to do the white noise. Infact the drumming is also in sync when you raise the frequency, and this potentiometer is only attached to the MSM5232. If you put out the MSM5232 you get no drumming or synth. On the sound board there is also an 8155 (I/O chip) which triggers the commands to do sfx and music, I don't know if this needs to be emulated. I have repaired a sound board replacing an MSM5232. It triggered the drums but no synth! splndrbt0103u2gre3 Kold666

- I attach a recording of my pcb in which you can hear the drumming. splndrbt0110u2_1 Kold666

- Concerning the gfx, on the pcb the background is not linear as shown in mame The snap should clarify. splndrbt0110u2_2 Kold666


- 25th June 2002: Acho A. Tang fixed a small bug in the High Voltage and Splendor Blast graphics emulation, speeding them up about 25%.

- 23rd June 2002: Acho A. Tang submitted drivers for Equites, Bull Fighter, The Koukouyakyuh, Splendor Blast and High Voltage. They are all playable and have sound, though the MCU emulation is not complete so there may be gameplay errors.

LEVELS: 6 (endless)

Category: Starfighter

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Romset: 211 kb / 25 files / 98.8 zip