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0.37b7 [Manuel Abadia]


- Sound not working on Return of Lady Frog

- Funny Strip is runing on pSOS RTOS ( and ). There's copyrigth text at $480. Also Rebus and TRoLF are running on it (the same internal code structure - traps, interrupt vectors), but copyright messages are removed.

- Rebus protection patch sits at the end of trap $b (rtos call) and in some cases returns 0 in D0. It's not a real protection check i think.

- Funy strip reads shared (?) mem in two places - both checks are patched. But game is still not playable...


- Return of Lady Frog addition by David Haywood

- Special thanks to Pierpaolo Prazzoli Petr1fied, ninjakid, Reznor007, Malice, tb2000, Mr. Do, Roberto Fresca, f205v, XZeriX, [red], MOCAS, Jonemaan and BIOS-D

- Funny Strip is not a Gaelco game but on similar hardware to Splash.


- 0.79u1: Moved 'The Return of Lady Frog' and clone (set 2) from dynax.c to the splash.c driver.

- 0.67: Merged ladyfrog.c (The Return of Lady Frog) with dynax.c driver.

- 13th December 2000: Manuel Abadia re-sent the latest Splash! driver.

- 0.37b7: Added ladyfrog.c and splash.c driver. Moved game 'Splash!' from gaelco.c to splash.c driver.

- 24th March 2000: Manuel Abadia added MSM5205 sound to Splash!

- 24th December 1999: Manuel Abadia sent in a driver for Splash! and partial sound was added to it.