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Speed Up (Version 1.20)

0.79u2 [Aaron Giles]


- 0.105u3: Aaron Giles fixed Speed Up - Game now playable. Added new user1/2 and gfx1 roms, fixed gfx2 rom loading and input.

- 20th April 2006: Aaron Giles - A while back, I emulated a couple of the early Gaelco 3D games, Radikal Bikers and Surf Planet. I knew at the time that there was a third game on almost identical hardware, which was the racing game Speed Up, but unfortunately the dump of that game we had was incomplete. Over the past couple of years, I've managed to acquire two different board sets for Speed Up, yet getting a good dump of the 42-pin mask ROMs on the board has been challenging to say the least. Guru and I even manually mapped the address and data lines back to the ADSP-2105 that runs the sound, and confirmed that they matched the standard pinout of an ST 27C160/27C322, yet my programmer would always end up with garbage. A couple weeks ago, I was given a tip that sometimes these mask ROMs have either the /CE or /OE signals inverted. Last night I finally got around to trying it out, and sure enough, if I tied the /OE signal to Vcc during the dump, I got a good read of the sound and polygon data ROMs. Seemingly victorious, I also dumped the texture ROMs in the same way, but discovered that I had another obstacle in my way in reading those. With the texture ROMs, my programmer complained that pins 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 and 27 weren't providing good connections. Curious, I looked at the pinout and discovered that these were the D8-D14 lines on the chip. This is a good indication that these ROMs are intended to be read in BYTE mode, not WORD mode. Of course, my programmer only handles WORD mode, which makes things tricky but not impossible. I simply had to read the ROM twice, tying the A'-1? pin alternately to GND and Vcc, and then merge the results, removing the bogus upper byte of each word. And so, at last, we have Speed Up. It pretty much worked straight away, apart from some input port problems, and looks pretty nice. Reminds me a bit of Cruisin' USA, except a bit smoother since the Gaelco hardware supports bilinear filtering.

- 4th April 2005: Aaron Giles - I decided that I needed to buy a new ROM programmer. The old one I have connects to a custom ISA card, and hence requires an ancient vintage PC to connect it to. Now, I realize some people out there still try to run MAME on such a beast, but I felt it was time to upgrade to something more modern using fancy "USB" technology. Seems to work pretty well so far. One of the remaining games I want to get emulated is Gaelco's Speed Up, which is the first of the three games they made that run on the early 3D hardware (the other two being Surf Planet and Radikal Bikers). The problem is that there are a number of 42-pin ROMs on the board that neither I nor Guru can seem to read. We've even traced out the pins and are pretty sure the pin layout matches a known EPROM type (27C322), but attempting to read the data that way is unsuccessful. Unfortunately, these ROMs contain all the model and sound data, and thus the game is unplayable without them. We will continue to try and find a solution on one side of the ocean or the other.

- 22nd February 2005: Guru - Speed Up (Gaelco) just arrived.

- 0.80: Changed 68000 CPU1 clock speed to 15MHz, TMS32031 CPU2 to 60MHz and added 3x DMA-driven_DAC sound.

- 24th February 2004: Aaron Giles - Fixed a subtle bug in the TMS32031 core that was causing problems with Radikal Bikers. Now at least all the geometry shows up okay. I'm still at a loss to explain alpha blending, Z buffering, or perspective correction. The incomplete driver should be in u2, so if you know some 3D math, feel free to have a look and see if you can't help me figure it out!

- 14th February 2004: Aaron Giles - Still stumped on the perspective correction, but I managed to figure out how the texture masking works so that text no longer has big blocks on the outside. Turns out some of the ROMs provide a 1bpp mask for certain textures. Also, I managed to get Surf Planet up and running. It's on the same hardware, but with a 68000 instead of a 68EC020. If you know MAME, you'll know that it's kind of a pain to do this because you can't just substitute a 68000 directly for a 68EC020 due to different data bus widths. Now if we can just dig up a Speed Up PCB and send it to Guru, I'll have all of the known Gaelco games on this hardware to play with.

- 28th May 2000: Guru - Dumped Speed Up (Gaelco).

Category: Racing 3D

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Romset: 25856 kb / 11 files / 11.07 zip