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Speed Racer

0.81u8 [R. Belmont]


- To calibrate the steering, delete the .nv file and start the game. Speed Racer will guide you through the calibration (the "jump button" is the same as player 1 start). Exit MAME and restart the game, it's now calibrated.


- 0.100u1: R. Belmont and El Semi updated the Namco FL system - Game now playable. Added M37710 (16384000 Hz) CPU2 and C352 (16384000 Hz) stereo sound. Fixed gfx3 roms order. Changed region cpu2 to user4.

- 0.85: Fixed gfx3 roms order.

- 29th July 2004: R. Belmont - I've written a Speed Racer-based trojan for sound emulation in Namco Systems 11/22/NB-1/NB-2/FL.

- 0.84u3: Changed visible area to 288x224.

- 21st April 2004: R. Belmont - Olivier Galibert started writing a brand-new i960 CPU core for MAME (you get zero guesses why). I added interrupt support and several opcodes and started working on a Namco System FL driver, meaning Speed Racer.

- 14th December 2003: Guru - Present some very early WIP shots of Speed Racer.

- 3rd December 2003: Guru - Arrived and dumped Speed Racer (Namco 1995, System FL hardware) from Pelle.

Romset: 24576 kb / 21 files / 8.42 zip