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Speed Ball

0.34b8 [Joseba Epalza]


- To enter test mode, keep pressed coin1 and coin2 during boot, until the RAM / ROM tests are finished


- speedbal running too fast - I recall the original game: attract mode music has two parts, one before and one after the letters from Speed Ball form the game name. The second part of the music must match the time the letters start flashing. speedbal36b11gre Bugfinder


- 0.98u1: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed Speed Ball again, after breaking it in the last update.

- 0.97u5: Pierpaolo Prazzoli converted Speed Ball to tilemap system, added coin counters and cocktail mode, fixed priorities (probably they're not 100% right, because there still are some wrong priorities with a couple of pixel in the title screen) and cleaned up the driver. Swapped gfx3 roms.

- 0.34RC1: Dave W. added hiscore save in Speed Ball.

- 0.34b8: Joseba Epalza added Speed Ball (Tecfri 1987).

Category: Pinball

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Romset: 320 kb / 10 files / 74.5 zip