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Space Position (Japan)

0.74u2 [?]


* Wanted: 317-0005 Custom Z80 CPU


- 0.99u7: Roberto Fresca fixed dipswitches in Space Position. Added dipswitch 'Coin A/B', 'Allow Continue', 'Obstruction Car', 'Time Limit', 'Power Down', 'Demo Sounds' and 'Unused'.

- 0.96u1: Nicola Salmoria added Sega 317-0005 decryption for Space Position - Game now playable. Fixed gfx2/3/4 roms order and addresses.

- 4th May 2005: David Haywood - Nicola decrypted Space Position however it doesn't work correctly in the current driver as it uses the hardware in a slightly different way to Angel Kids. I've started fixing the driver, the first fix was using different roms for the upper / lower tilemap (In Angel Kids both tilemaps have identical roms so it was impossible to tell which set was for which tilemap). With this fix the title screen looks good. The sprites may need drawing in reverse order, or a priority bit may be missing / handled incorrectly. There is currently no sound. Update: Fixed sound and hang when game starts due to main CPU requiring a response from the sound CPU. Fixed sprite drawing and added controls. Game seems to be fully playable.

Category: Racing 2D

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Romset: 513 kb / 17 files / 113.9 zip