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Soul Edge Ver. II (SO4/VER.C)

0.74u2 [?]


- 0.95u1: smf added clone Soul Edge Ver. II (SO3/VER.C). Renamed (souledgb) to (souledgc) and (souledga) to (souledgb).

- 27th March 2005: Guru - Nothing spectacular to report, I've just dumped Soul Edge (SO3 Ver.C).

- 27th April 2004: Guru - Received an undumped revision of Soul Edge from Justin Dawkins.

- 0.76u2: smf attempted to fix some hangs in the Soul Edge clones.

- 28th October 2003: smf fixed some random crashes in Soul Edge (VER.A only).

- 0.76u1: Fixed input and user3 roms order.

- 22nd October 2003: smf sent in another update to the Namco System 11 driver, improving the MDEC decoding and enabling Soul Edge (Ver. A) since it seems to work fine.

- 0.74u2: Added Soul Edge Ver. II (SO4/VER.C) and clones Soul Edge (SO1/VER.A) and (SO3/VER.A).

- 19th October 2002: Guru - Soul Edge Ver. A (Namco 1995) and Soul Edge Ver. II Ver. C (Namco 1996) arrived. Thanks to Brian A. Troha for the loan of the boards.


Other Emulators:

* ZiNc

Romset: 25344 kb / 15 files / 17.36 zip