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Soul Calibur (SOC14/VER.C)

0.79u2 [?]

0.77 [smf]


- 20th September 2006: Dumping Project - Purchased Soul Calibur (Alt version). Thank go to the fivepeople who recently donated after the last request. A special thanks goes to Kevin.

- 0.104u5: smf added clone Soul Calibur (SOC11/VER.C). Renamed (soulclbb) to (soulclbc) and (soulclba) to (soulclbb).

- 0.102u5: smf added clone Soul Calibur (SOC11/VER.B). Renamed (soulclba) to (soulclbb).

- 17th June 2005: Guru - Another Soul Calibur PCB arrived from Japan.

- 0.79u4: Renamed (soulclbr) to (soulclba).

- 0.79u2: Added Soul Calibur (SOC14/VER.C).

- 0.78: Fixed input.

- 0.77: Added Soul Calibur (SOC1/VER.A).

- 8th June 2003: Guru - Soul Calibur can't be fully emulated in Zinc until the dump is complete. It's emulated and runs but all graphics are bad (showing only garbage and colored pixels) because 2 ROMs are not dumped yet.

- 15th May 2003: Guru - Soul Calibur (Namco 1998, System 12) arrived from Narendra Verma.

Romset: 45568 kb / 9 files / 36.71 zip