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SegaSonic The Hedgehog (Japan, rev. C)

0.63 [David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, R. Belmont, Farfetch'd]

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- 0.104u7: Anonymous fixed indirect palettes in the System 32 driver. This fixes SegaSonic The Hedgehog graphics finally.

- 0.101u5: Anonymous fixed SegaSonic so it works as well as the prototype version (still major graphics issues) - Game now playable.

- 0.86u4: Curt Coder changed "Segasonic the Hedgehog" to "SegaSonic The Hedgehog". "The" is Sonic's middle name according to "The Ultimate History of Video Games", p. 428: The "T" in Sonic The Hedgehog is capitalized. Sega Marketing wizard Al Nilsen had the "The" registered as Sonic's middle name.

- 30th January 2004: Roger Sanders emulated the protection in Segasonic (Japan rev. C) in the Sega System 32 driver - still crashes due to video emulation bug.

- 0.78: Changed description from 'Sonic' to 'Segasonic the Hedgehog'.

- 0.67: Swaped cpu2 rom ($280000) with cpu2 ($0, $380000).

- 0.64: Changed visible area to 416x224.

- 0.63: Added Sonic (Japan rev. C) and clone (Japan prototype).

Category: Platform (Extra)

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Romset: 18432 kb / 18 files / 4.94 zip