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Snow Board Championship (Version 2.1)

0.63 [Manuel Abadia]


* Full Protection. The protection writes 2 values and then reads from a memory address. If the read value is wrong, the game can crash in some places. If we always return 0, the game doesn't crash but you can't see the full intro (because it expects 0xffff somewhere). It also handles sound, controls, gameplay and some sprites.


- 0.63: Added Snow Board Championship (set 1) and clone (set 2).

- 31st December 2002: Manuel Abadia fixed the dual screen display in Touch & Go and World Rally 2, and he fixed the clipping of the shadows. Additionally, World Rally 2 is actually playable as long as you don't crash.

- 30th December 2002: Manuel Abadia sent in the Gaelco CG-1V/GAE1 driver, supporting Alligator Hunt, Maniac Square and Bang! playably and World Rally 2, Touch & Go and Snowboard Championship not working because of Dallas protection.

Category: Ski

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Romset: 15360 kb / 6 files / 6.21 zip