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Super Monaco GP (set 9, World, Rev B, 'Twin', FD1094 317-0126a)

0.88u5 [Guru, Charles MacDonald]


- Title screen does not overdraw the left most vertical line. smgp0102gre RansAckeR


- 0.102: Arzeno Fabrice added clone Super Monaco GP (set 4, US, Rev B, FD1094 317-0125a). Changed (set 4) to (set 5), (set 5) to (set 6) and (set 7) to (set 8).

- 0.94u2: Aaron Giles hooked up Z80 (4MHz) CPU4 dummy CPU for running SMGP communications.

- 0.92: Renamed (smgp) to clone (smgpu2), (smgpf) to (smgp), (smgpa) to (smgpu3), (smgpb) to (smgp6), (smgpc) to (smgpj), (smgpd) to (smgpu) and (smgpe) to (smgp5).

- 0.89u6: Aaron Giles added a new driver for the Sega X-Board games. Added better tilemap support (from 16b) a) and correct the clock speed of the 2x 68000 CPUs to 12500000 Hz and palettesize to 24576 colors - Game now playable.

- 0.89u3: David Haywood hooked up controls in the Sega X-Board games AB Cop, Racing Hero and Super Monaco GP.

- 0.89u2: Added clone Super Monaco GP (set 7, World, Rev B, 'Twin', FD1094 317-0126a).

- 0.89u1: Gerald added clone Super Monaco GP (set 6, World, 'Air Drive Cabinet', FD1094 317-0126) and 317-0126a.key to Super Monaco GP (set 3).

- 0.89: Added clone Super Monaco GP (set 5, US, FD1094 317-0125a) and all missing roms to (set 4).

- 0.88u5: Added Super Monaco GP (set 1, 317-0125a) and clones (set 2, 317-0125a), (set 3, 317-?) and (set 4, 317-0124a).

- 16th November 2004: David Haywood - The road draws on smgp now, i don't know why, must be something i changed without testing it.

- 14th November 2004: Charles MacDonald - Dumped 'Super Monaco GP' FD1094 CPU. Haze: No i don't know where the road is yet).

- 3rd March 2004: Guru - Super Monaco GP (Sega 1989, X Board hardware) arrived from Pelle.

Category: F1-3D

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Romset: 3240 kb / 29 files / 1.39 zip