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Slap Shot (Japan)

0.37b11 [David Graves]

Possible Bugs:

- When you use the "special technic", Billy's close up screen appears no matter who you play with. It would need to be confirmed on a real PCB. slapshot099u1gre king_krm


- 27th January 2001: David Graves fixed the input port settings in the Slap Shot driver and now the single player game works.

- 18th January 2001: David Graves added NVRAM emulation to Slap Shot.

- 16th January 2001: Bryan McPhail fixed the sprite graphics decoding in Slap Shot. Aaron Giles fixed some crashes in the Taito F3 driver and Nicola Salmoria fixed crashes in the Slap Shot driver.

- 14th January 2001: David Graves added double width tilemap support to the TC0480SCP chip emulation and wrote a Slap Shot driver but it has incomplete sprite graphics decoding so some graphical errors remain.

- 0.37b12: Changed visible area to 320x224.


Category: Hockey

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Romset: 5696 kb / 9 files / 1.90 zip