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Sky Bumper

0.37b12 [Phil Stroffolino]


- I was playing this game when my airplane got blocked in a wall without dying. I had to reset the game then... (see screenshot). skybump0110u2yel Kold666


- 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 60.606061 Hz.

- 0.109u4: Improvements to the Looping driver [Aaron Giles]: Fixed clock speeds, proper video timing, fixed protection (game would reset; should never have been marked 'working' in the first place!) and various other driver cleanups. Added COP420 (1MHz) CPU3, changed TMS9995 CPU1 clock speed to 12MHz, sawpped gfx1 roms and changed VSync to 60.606060 Hz.

- 0.97u5: MASH fixed Looping/Sky Bumper memory map.

- 0.37b14: Replaced TMS9995 with TMS9995 (3MHz), TMS9980A/TMS9981 (2MHz), AY-8910 (2MHz), TMS5220 (640000 Hz) and DAC sound. Changed also cpu2 rom ($0) length to 2kb and the other cpu2 roms addresses to ($800, $2800).

- 29th January 2001: Phil Stroffolino sent in the playable Looping driver, with correct graphics and colors, but it lacks one of the nicest features of the game - speech and music. The COP420 microcontroller in fact helps with the CPU communication, so it is probably necessary for sound emulation.

- 28th January 2001: Phil Stroffolino made a big step forward with the Looping driver. While the game is definitely not playable yet (due to the unemulated COP420 microprocessor), at least the title screen shows up.

- 1st November 2000: Phil Stroffolino started on a Looping driver, it runs I/O CPU code fine now but main CPU code does not seem to be valid and the microcontroller isn't emulated, so nothing works.

Category: Airforce

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Romset: 51 kb / 11 files / 23.9 zip