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Sega Ski Super G

0.105u2 [R. Belmont]


- 0.105u2: Added Sega Ski Super G (Sega 1996).

- 15th April 2006: R. Belmont - The Dumping Project picked up a Sega Ski Super G (Model 2C-CRX) and it made it's way to me for dumping. The downside? My dumper uses a parallel port connection and neither of my current active-use PCs (or my Macs, for that matter) have such a relic. Fortunately I still have an older laptop that's compliant. Because it's 2C I imagine ElSemi will have it doing loop-de-loops seconds after I finish dumping it, but I'll probably post a (2D-only) MAME shot or 2 as a warmup. (Later) Here's the first results of dumping the game, from M1 of course. A nice ambient piano tune and a decent guitar-driven track. (Later still) Almost done - just missing the COPRO and TGP ROMs now, and MAME doesn't care about those yet. I'll finish the dump and make sure ElSemi gets his hands on it now. (Even later) ElSemi says it dropped right into whatever his Model 2 emulator is called nowadays.

Romset: 59904 kb / 19 files / 16.3 zip