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Simpsons (4 Players World, set 1), The

0.36b2 [Ernesto Corvi]


- To enter service mode, hit F2 while the game is in attract mode.


- On the first bonus stage, where you're s'posed to blow up your balloon as fast as possible, there seems to be a glitch in the scaling routine, making lines appear in the balloon on and off (see snapshot). Happens on the real PCB. Smitdogg


- Some in-game samples such as "maggie" and "that's my sister mister" sound bad. There is a serious sound deficiency between MAME and the arcade, in the arcade those samples are near TV-quality. simpsons062gre2 NeoGouki / Kitsune Sniper / ElCondor

- With regards to the problem with the bonus stage where the balloons get corrupted, I've never seen this on my pcb, though it's reported as happening on the real thing, maybe there are slightly different hardware revisions to fix this. simpsons0103ora2 Magic Knight

- I own a Simpsons pcb and I think that at 56Hz it does look a bit more like the real thing, if you look at the bit when the fireman is firing his extinguisher, the smoke's animation is a little smoother. simpsons0103ora Mamesick / Magic Knight


- 0.103u3: Fixed rom names.

- 0.95u2: Chris Hardy added clone The Simpsons (4 Players alt).

- 0.95: Chris Hardy verified The Simpsons sound chip frequency against real board. Changed K053260 clock speed to 3579545 Hz.

- 0.86u3: R. Belmont corrected clocks in The Simpsons. Changed Z80 CPU2 and YM2151 clock speed to 3579545 Hz.

- 0.84u5: Changed Z80 CPU2, YM2151 and 053260 clocks speed to 4MHz and fixed YM2151/YM3012 balance.

- 1st March 2004: Oliver Achten fixed the PPCM decoding in the K053260 sound chip emulation, improving samples in Asterix, The Simpsons, TMNT 2 and others.

- 0.77: Added clone The Simpsons (2 Players alt).

- 10th November 2003: R. Belmont added an alternate 2-player set of The Simpsons.

- 23rd June 2003: Acho A. Tang sent in some fixes to the sprites in The Simpsons.

- 26th April 2002: SpinelSun2 submitted a fix for The Simpsons inputs.

- 7th February 2001: Olivier Galibert submitted the alpha blending update, and in addition to Xexex, also X-Men and Simpsons have translucent shadows.

- 0.37b2: Ernesto Corvi fixed adpcm decoding in the K053260, this improves several Konami games.

- 0.37b1: Phil Stroffolino and Nicola Salmoria support a priority buffer, updated by tilemap.c, which can be used to draw sprites using the new function pdrawgfx(). This allowed to fix many tile/sprite priority bugs e.g. in Ajax, Lightning Thunder, Simpsons, Vendetta, Punk Shot, Gradius III and others.

- 0.36b8: Nicola Salmoria fixed sprite Y offset in the Simpsons dreamland level. Apologies for taking so long, Nicola couldn't find the time to play it that far and hadn't realized he just had to use the attract mode of the Japanese version.

- 0.36b3: Yasuhiro Ogawa added clone The Simpsons (2 Players Japan). Changed KONAMI CPU1 clock speed to 3MHz.

- 15th August 1999: Phil Stroffolino sent in an update to the Sprite Manager, with stretching support so that Simpsons might be possible to be converted to it.

- 0.36b2: Ernesto Corvi added The Simpsons (4 Players) (Konami 1991) and clone (2 Players).


Romset: 7040 kb / 13 files / 2.37 zip