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Shuttle Invader

0.103 [Tomasz Slanina, Guru]


- 0.111u1: Added Samples (Invaders) and SN76477 sound.

- 0.103u1: Tomasz Slanina added Shuttle Invader to the 8080bw driver. Replaced cpu1 roms ($0, $400, $1000, $1c00) with new dumps, changed visible area to 192x256 and added dipswitches - Game now playable.

- 0.103: Added Shuttle Invader (Omori 197?).

- 30th December 2005: Guru - I was able to get a good read of the ROMs from the Shuttle Invader PCB with a little creative heating from my heatgun. We still don't know the game name though, there's no title on screen. Anyway, Dox says it's now fully playable. So that's another one saved from the grave yard. Update: I got an email from Randy who says the PCB below is an original Omori board and there is a very high probability that it's Shuttle Invader or Shuttle Invader II.

- 29th December 2005: Tomasz Slanina - Unknown 8080 based Space Invaders clone (Shuttle Invader by Omori?).

- 29th December 2005: Guru - A few weeks ago, I was sent a very old 8080-based PCB that was thought to be Omori Shuttle Invader. I've just dumped it and I still don't know what it is, and probably never will. According to Dox, some of the ROMs contain just garbage, the data has been eaten away by time.

Category: Space Invaders

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Romset: 6 kb / 6 files / 4.57 zip