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Shuffleshot (v1.40)

0.99u6 [Brian Troha]

0.37b15 [Aaron Giles]


- May seem impossible to shoot a decent shot. Either the puck stops right after the "1" or the shot is way too hard and the puck flies off the board, making the game unplayable. Not a bug, but a requirement of certain drivers, which may or may not be normal(?). For the longest time I was using default Windows mouse drivers, and was clearly experiencing this "bug". I installed the latest M$ intellimouse drivers, and now the controls work perfectly. So I'd say, at least in my experience, that new intellimouse drivers are a "requirement". Note that I have received reports from others who got the controls working correctly with other drivers. Also note, this "issue" pertains to all trackball games, and that it's always best to set the mouse movement speed to the dead center position in Windows as well as turning off the any acceleration options and then adjust the analog sensitivity via the in-game menu how you like. Also, make sure any frameskipping is turned off. Smitdogg / xtremediver


- 0.99u6: Brian Troha added Shuffleshot (v1.40). Renamed (shufshot) to (sshot139).

- 0.92: Added 'Video Sync' dipswitch.

- 0.72: Added clone Shuffleshot (v1.37).

- 6th August 2003: Brian A. Troha added another version of Shuffleshot to the itech32 driver and fixed some dipswitch settings in it.

- 19th May 2001: Aaron Giles fixed the dipswitch settings in Shuffleshot.

- 16th May 2001: Aaron Giles added Shuffleshot to the itech32 driver.

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Romset: 9856 kb / 23 files / 6.5 zip