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Shot Rider

0.90u4 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

0.64 [Tomasz Slanina]


- Shot Rider (Sigma license): The rom 1.bin (cpu1) was inside an epoxy block with the cpu and encrypted. The data lines D3/D4 and D5/D6 on the PCB were swapped.


- In shtrider and clone shtridra if you keep moving the bike left and right quickly the bike gets messed up. shtrider0103u3gre cpukett

Possible Bugs:

- At the start of the game, the race-start-lights lag behind the race-start-sound. Sound/graphics sync is OK everywhere else though. shtrider064gre Jonemaan


- 0.90u4: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added Shot Rider (new parent, without Sigma license) - it's probably a bootleg of the original Seibu version with the roms decrypted (no epoxy block). Renamed (shtrider) to clone (shtridra).

- 0.79u1: Added 'Coin A/B', 'Flip Screen', 'Speed Display' and 'Cabinet' dipswitches.

- 26th December 2002: Tomasz Slanina wrote a driver for Shot Rider, it works but has wrong colors.

Category: Motorbike

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Romset: 89 kb / 15 files / 45.9 zip