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0.33b3 [Ernesto Corvi, Phil Stroffolino, Zsolt Vasvari, Kevin Brisley]


- Fix coin counter

- Lots of unmapped memory reads


- Shoot Out (Japan) is an interesting board, it runs on an earlier PCB design than the USA version, has no sound CPU, uses half as many sprites and unusually for a Deco Japanese game it is credited to 'Data East USA'. Perhaps the USA arm of Deco designed this game rather than the Japanese arm?

- Shoot Out (Japan) uses the YM2203 ports for CPU bankswitching so it does not work with sound turned off.

- Shoot Out (Korean bootleg) is based on the earlier DE-0203 board but strangely features the same encryption as used on the DE-0219 board. It also has some edited graphics.


- 0.76u1: Removed input port hack.

- 5th November 2000: Phil Stroffolino updated Shoot Out to work without the sprite manager.

- 0.33b3: Added shootout.c driver.