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0.36b15 [Nicola Salmoria]

0.35RC1 [Nicola Salmoria]


- The HD63484 emulation is incomplete, it implements the bare minimum required to run these games.

- The end of round animation in Shanghai is wrong; change the opcode at 0xfb1f2 to a NOP to jump to it immediately at the beginning of a round.

- I'm not sure about the refresh rate, 60Hz makes time match the dip switch settings, but music runs too fast.


- shanghai, shangha2: If you compare the current(0.113u3) MAME's sound output for these games and compare it to anything 112u2 and before, you'll see a definate difference in quality. Something just sounds wrong in the game's sound now compared to before... shanghaic0113u3gre Tafoid


- 13th January 2001: Nicola Salmoria fixed the window border graphics in the Shanghai driver.

- 12th January 2001: Nicola Salmoria added window graphics emulation to the Shanghai driver and he added support for Shanghai II.

- 0.35RC1: Added shanghai.c driver (Testdriver).