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0.88u6 [Charles MacDonald, David Haywood, Aaron Giles]


- Hardware: The Sega System 16B system consists of a main board and a ROM board. Many games are protected, either with a Hitachi FD1094 or an Intel 8751 MCU. The games can be swapped to any main board by exchanging ROM boards and protection chips. The games are generally tied to its 'type' ROM board, though there are some games that are available on more than one type of ROM board. 4-layer tilemap hardware in two pairs, with selection between each members on the pairs on a 8-lines basis. Slightly better sprites.


- Sega System 16/18 bootlegs: Display glitch occurs temporarily. No bug report please. sys1618bootlegs0105red Twisty / Fujix


- 0.113u4: Fixed crash in System 16 games (machinesegaic16.c).

- 0.113u2: Zsolt Vasvari updated a number of Sega games to use the new video timing code.

- 0.113: Ruben added DIP locations to the segas16b driver.

- 0.111u6: Corrado Tomaselli updated Sega System 16/18 drivers to be mono and swapped button 1/2 to match instruction card.

- 0.107u2: Massive cleanup/fixing of 16-bit Sega drivers [AWJ]: Many corrections to descriptive set names, adding revision letters, cabinet types, etc. Fixed button ordering between System 16A/B. Fixed many dipswitches and added PORT_DIPLOCATION support. Adjusted min/max values for analog controls to improve response. Cleaned up a number of ROM names and fixed some incorrect guesses. Actually disabling 8751 in games that have a fake replacement. Hooked up 8255 PPI correctly now that it has mode 2 support. Fixed behavior of NMI line in later sega sound boards. Fixed addressing in the SegaPCM sound system. Some hardware/documentation cleanup.

- 0.105u5: Aaron Giles fixed a memory_set_bankptr called NULL base in the segas16b.c driver.

- 0.105: Aaron Giles fixed crash in System 16 games introduced by last update.

- 0.103u4: Corrado Tomaselli fixed inputs in the Sega System 16b driver to match the JAMMA button ordering.

- 0.91u2: uPD7759 rewrite, fixing sound in System 16 games [Aaron Giles]

- 0.90u4: Aaron Giles improved the way custom I/O controls work internally, added support for Sukeban Jansi Ryuko controls, hooked up dipswitches for timescn, updated YM2151 mixing volume and added pixel-accurate scaling to System 16B sprite.

- 0.90u1: Aaron Giles unified all memory mapping code and moved it into machine/segaic16.c, unified all tilemap, sprite and road code and moved it into vidhrdw/segaic16.c and improved documentation on the various register layouts on the video side. Note that in the process, I broke the title screen animation for Laser Ghost, and there is now a 1-pixel column error on ddcrew's attract mode. These are known issues that I will try to address soon.

- 0.89u5: Aaron Giles cleaned up the math chip emulation (machinesegaic16.c), should be much closer now.

- 0.89u3: Aaron Giles created a new machine/segaic16.c to hold non-video common hardware, preliminary multiply/compare implementation moved there, changed segaic_init_palette to take a number of palette entries and fixed reset bug when running 16B/18 games.

- 0.89u1: Aaron Giles fixed ROM bank mapping so it doesn't fall through to unmapped handlers, incorporated Brian Troha's updated DIPs, minor cleanups and fixed column scroll after talking to Charles about how it works.

- 0.88u7: Aaron Giles cleaned up the Sega System Pre16,16a,16b,18 drivers. Most known video issues are now fixed. Alien Storm, DDCrew, Clutch Hitter, Laser Ghost, Cotton and many others have greatly improved video.