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0.113u3 [David Haywood]

0.37b16 [David Haywood]


- Tidy up

- Add save states

- Clean up so we can use it with hazemd again

- Add emulation of vdp bugs, use mame's new screen timing system instead

- Covert megatech / megaplay drivers to use new code etc. etc.

- Sometimes hangonjr has corrupt gfx when you start a game, I don't know why.


- Driver by David Haywood, Charles Macdonald for docmentation of the SMS VDP Chip used on this system, Mike Beaver for Mimic, although not used as a reference, it was used as an inspiration & motivation and Stephane Humbert for dipswitch information.

- Sega System 'E' is a piece of hardware used for a couple of Arcade Games produced by Sega in the Mid 80's, its roughly based on their Sega Master System home console unit, using the same '315-5124' VDP (actually in this case 2 of them)

- An interesting feature of the system is that the CPU is contained on the ROM board, the MAIN System E board contains the Graphics processor, this opens the possibility for using processors other than the Standard Z80 to run the main game code on, an option which they appear to have made use of for a couple of the titles unless of course the roms are simply bad dumps.

- Also interesting is each VDP has double the Video RAM found on the SMS console this is banked through Port Writes, the System also allows for the Video RAM to be written directly, bypassing the usual procedure of writing to it via the '315-5124' data port, it can not however be read directly, the same area used for writing is used to access banked ROMs when reading.

- Pretty much everything on this hardware is done through port accesses, the main memory map consists of simply ROM, BANKED ROM / BANKED RAM, RAM


- 0.113u3: Changed (segasyse.c) to (segae.c). David Haywood replaced old Sega System E driver with new one based on HazeMD. Brian Troha fixed a large pile of dipswitches in the Sega System E games. Changed the clock speed of the 2x SN76496 to 3579540 Hz.

- 18th August 2005: David Haywood - Gerald managed to pick up a System E version of Sega Tetris (much less common than the System 16A/B versions that most people are familiar with). I plugged it into my System E driver in MAME and it works mostly fine, but with a minor glitch in attract mode on the Insert Coin text. Thankfully this game wasn't encrypted, however things aren't looking good for the other system E games such as Fantasy Zone 2 and Opa Opa.. The only boards we've seen have been dead, and without a working CPU it is 100% impossible to decrypt the code and given the age of the things I wouldn't be surprised if they were all dead because the batteries aren't meant to last this long. It is CRITICAL that we find those in working condition along with any other system E titles.

- 26th July 2001: Gerardo Oporto updated the Sega System E driver, fixing dipswitch settings in Hang-On Jr.

- 17th June 2001: David Haywood added display disable support to the Sega System E driver to avoid garbled graphics in Hang-On Jr.

- 15th June 2001: Gerardo Oporto added correct dipswitch settings to the Sega System E driver.

- 14th June 2001: David Haywood updated the Sega System E driver and Riddle of Pythagoras is now playable.

- 12th June 2001: David Haywood wrote a Sega System E driver, Hang-On Jr. and Transformer are playable and also have sound.