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Super Basketball (version I, encrypted)

0.62 [MASH]

0.37b11 [?]

0.28 [Zsolt Vasvari]


- Hold down Start 1 & Start 2 keys to enter test mode on start up; then use Start 1 to advance to the next screen.


- 0.62: MASH added Super Basketball (version G).

- 17th May 2002: MASH added clone ROMs to S.P.Y. and Super Basketball.

- 0.58: Full VLM5030 sound emulation. Samples are no longer needed.

- 22nd January 2002: Tatsuyuki Satoh fixed the noise generator in the VLM5030 sound chip emulation, completely removing the need for samples.

- 21st January 2002: Tatsuyuki Satoh submitted a new, much improved version of the VLM5030 sound chip emulation, used for speech in (Super) Punch-Out and a few other drivers. It is now more than 90% accurate to the original, and only a few small problems remain.

- 0.37b11: Added Super Basketball (encrypted).

- 2nd December 1999: Zsolt Vasvari fixed sound in Super Basketball.

- 0.30: Nicola Salmoria added sound in Super Basketball and with Marco Cassili he fixed the colors. Should now be correct for real (the opponent's shirts weren't changing color in each level).

- 0.29: Accurate colors in Super Basketball.

- 0.28: Zsolt Vasvari supplied a Super Basketball (Konami 1984) driver.

ARCADE RELEASE: Super Basketball (Konami) - 1984/Sep/18

Category: Basketball

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Romset: 122 kb / 19 files / 64.8 zip