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Strikers 1945 II

0.59 [David Haywood]


- 4th March 2002: David Haywood improved the backgrounds in Space Bomber and Gunbird 2, but they still aren't perfect and Strikers 1945 II isn't improved at all.

- 1st March 2002: R. Belmont fixed a bug in the SH-2 CPU core which fixes the missing background graphics in Strikers 1945 II, although they still aren't perfect due to other unemulated features.

- 22nd February 2002: David Haywood reported some more progress with the newer Psikyo games. Most color problems are fixed, Sol Divide also works and Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels also works almost up to the actual game but crashes at that point. The background graphics in Strikers 1945 II and Space Bomber are still missing, though.

- 21st February 2002: David Haywood reported some progress in emulating Hitachi SH-2 based Psikyo games. Strikers 1945 II and Space Bomber are playable, although they miss a lot of graphics, have some wrong colors and no sound.

- 4th January 2002: Guru - Dumped Strikers 1945 II.

- 16th September 2001: Guru - Received Strikers 1945 II (Psikyo 1997). Thanks go to Smitdogg for the donations.

LEVELS: 8 (must be finished twice)

Category: Airforce 2

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Romset: 37888 kb / 11 files / 17.6 zip