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0.61 [R. Belmont]


- No dual monitor support

- Synchronization and other oddities (rungunu doesn't show attract mode)

- Swapped P12 and P34 controls in 4-player mode team selectet (real puzzler)

- P3 and P4 coin chutes not working in 4-player mode

- Sprite palettes are not entirely right

- ROZ update causes music to stutter


- This hardware uses the 55673 sprite chip like PreGX and System GX, but in a 4 bit per pixel layout. There is also an all-TTL front overlay tilemap and a rotating scaling background done with the PSAC2 ('936).

- Status: Front tilemap should be complete, sprites are mostly correct, controls should be fine. Protection exists so the game is not playable.


- 0.71u1: Acho A. Tang did many improvements to Run and Gun making it playable (single screen game only): drivers ungun.c: mem maps, device settings, component communications, I/O's, sound...etc. vidhrdw ungun.c: general clean-up, clipping, alignment and vidhrdwkonamiic.c: missing sprites and priority.