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R-Type Leo (World)

0.60 [?]

0.36b6 [Bryan McPhail]

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- You can press F1 in this game to toggle rastereffects and speedup gameplay.


- 0.104u8: Fixed rom names.

- 0.99u3: Pierpaolo Prazzoli removed a speedup kludge in the M92 video driver. This fixed R-Type Leo video.

- 0.80u2: R. Belmont fixup the GA-20. Added the channel status readback for the GA-20, which fixes some occasional odd voice-stealing behavior while playing R-Type Leo. Please enjoy R-Type Leo LOUDLY now.

- 0.60: Added R-Type Leo (World rev. C).

- 0.55: Changed V30 CPU2 from flags audio to normal V30.

- 25th July 2001: Nicola Salmoria improved the IREM sound CPU emulation, which allows R-Type Leo to work without kludges, and he decrypted Hook and Mystic Riders.

- 24th July 2001: Nicola Salmoria yet improved the IREM CPU decryption tables, and got sound working in Undercover Cops and R-Type Leo.

- 0.37b8: Added V30 (14318180 Hz) CPU2, YM2151 and GA20 with 3579545 Hz.

- 11th September 2000: Bryan McPhail sent in a huge Irem games update with a rewritten NEC core, fixing many bugs. R-Type Leo title screen was fixed as well as preliminary Irem GA20 custom sample player support was added.

- 0.36b15: Added dipswitches 'Difficulty', 'Allow Continue' and 'Demo Sounds'.

- 11th November 1999: Bryan McPhail speeded up R-Type Leo.

- 30th September 1999: Bryan McPhail fixed R-Type Leo from crashing at later levels.

- 0.36b6: Bryan McPhail added R-Type Leo (Japan) (Irem 1992). Issues: Title screen is incorrect, it uses mask sprites but I can't find how the effect is turned on/off. Colour flicker on level 2. Crashes after continue screen (related to memcard?). Crash after level 3?

- 24th September 1999: Oliver Bergmann sent in a NEC V20, V30, V33 cpu core, and Bryan McPhail submitted an Irem M92 driver with support for Blade Master, Gunforce, Lethal Thunder, Hook, Undercover Cops, R-type Leo, Major Title 2 and In The Hunt, but none of the games have sound because of an encrypted sound CPU.


Category: R-Type

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Romset: 7552 kb / 15 files / 2.11 zip