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Rolling Thunder (new version)

0.35b1 [Jimmy Hamm, Phil Stroffolino, Ernesto Corvi]


- In the arcade you could crouch and then switch directions while crouching without standing back up. It uses 4-way joysticks. And you can easily turn and shoot while crouching in MAME. You just have to be shooting while you turn and shoot, just like in the arcade. Stroff

- About Rolling Thunder door glitch: Spriteram buffering fixes sprite lag, but causes a glitch in rthunder when entering a door. The *closed* door is made of tiles, but the *moving* door is made of sprites. Since sprites are delayed by 1 frame, when you enter a door there is one frame where neither the tile-based closed door nor the sprite-based moving door is shown, so it flickers. Given the experience with Baraduke, where a glitch like this is apparent in the floor 6 boss, this could very well be a bug in the original; if it isn't, I wouldn't know how to fix it. In the source code, there's a comment as left, it happens on the pcb too as well as the ugly refresh when a screen is changed. Kold666 (rthunder0104u3ora)


- 0.104u6: Aaron Giles fixed Rolling Thunder broken in 0.104u5.

- 0.104u5: Aaron Giles fixed bug rthunder0104u3ora.

- 0.80: Nicola Salmoria fixed watchdog emulation, this allows entering service mode without resettin and fixed the reset problem in clone rthundro. Changed M6809 CPU1 clock speed to 1536000 Hz and changed audio sound to Namco CUS30 and added Namco 63701X (6Mhz) sound.

- 0.36b12: Renamed (rthundrb) to (rthundro).

- 0.36b7: Added Custom sound.

- 0.35b13: Changed description of Rolling Thunder (set 1) to 'Rolling Thunder (new version)' and (set 2) to (old version).

- 0.35b11: Changed M6809 CPU2 and HD63701 CPU3 clock speed to 1536000 Hz and palettesize from 256 to 512 colors.

- 0.35b10: Changed HD63701 CPU2 clock speed to 6MHz. Renamed (rthundr2) to (rthundrb).

- 7th April 1999: Nicola Salmoria has updated Pac Land and Rolling Thunder drivers to work on the new 6800 core, but music speed is still sometimes screwed.

- 0.35b8: Ernesto Corvi added voices to Rolling Thunder. Added Samples sound.

- 22nd March 1999: Ernesto Corvi fixed some problems with Rolling Thunder samples.

- 20th March 1999: Ernesto Corvi has plugged samples into Rolling Thunder.

- 0.35b7: Changed HD63701 CPU clock speed to 1.5MHz.

- 0.35b6: Nicola Salmoria added clone Rolling Thunder (set 2). Added 2x M6809 (1.5 MHz) and replaced M6803 CPU3 with HD63701 (4MHz). Added sound1 roms ($0, $10000) and proms ($0, $200, $1400).

- 13th March 1999: Nicola Salmoria updated the Namco sound driver to support dynamic changes to the waveform data, and also converted Rolling Thunder to the tilemap system.

- 0.35b5: Ernesto Corvi improved Rolling Thunder sound.

- 11th March 1999: Jim Hernandez fixed Rolling Thunder sound settings.

- 2nd March 1999: Ernesto Corvi fixed Pacland and Rolling Thunder sound by emulating two new opcodes in the 63701 core. Juergen Buchmueller Buchmueller has fixed Rolling Thunder MCU problems by simplifying the 6809 interrupt handling and corrected CWAI emulation.

- 0.35b2: Dave W. added hiscore save in Rolling Thunder.

- 0.35b1: Added Rolling Thunder (Namco 1986). TODO: Further optimize video (skip transparent/obscured tiles). Add voice (see note below). Add flipped and cocktail cabinet mode.

LEVELS: 5 (must be finished twice)

Category: Action

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Romset: 1178 kb / 28 files / 340 zip