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Royal Card (Austrian, set 1)

0.100u2 [Roberto Fresca, Mame Italian Forum]

0.99u8 [Roberto Fresca]


- Press and hold Service1 + 2 (Keys 0 & 9), press reset (F3), release Service1/2 and press reset (F3) again. Now the NVRAM has been initialized.


- 0.110u5: Roberto Fresca added clone Royal Card (Slovakia, encrypted). Not working due to use of a custom encrypted CPU. Fixed Royal Card - Game now playable. Added all inputs and dipswitches. Fixed memory map and gfx decode. Fixed screen size and visible area based on mc6845 registers. Chnaged M65C02 and AY8910 clock speeds to 2MHz. Swapped gfx1 roms. Wired and decoded the color prom in Royal Card. Now colors are perfect. Managed Royal Card (Austria, set 2) to work, using the 2nd half of program ROM (seems to be mapped that way).

- 0.106u6: Added pld ($400 - 2-peel18cv8.bin).

- 0.100u2: Added Royal Card (Austria, set 1). Renamed (royalcrd) to (royalcdb).

- 19th September 2005: Roberto Fresca - Added "02 gambling" (another Royal Card set, but with 32k roms) from Mame Italia.

- 0.99u8: Added Royal Card (Austria).

Romset: 98 kb / 7 files / 26.1 zip