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Return of Lady Frog (set 1), The

0.75 [Tomasz Slanina]

0.74u2 [?]

0.37b7 [?]


- Lady Frog is a typical 'Korean Style' hack of Splash. The main 68k code is based on 'Splash' with many patches made to the code. Most of the patched code includes jumps to the 0x400000 where no rom is mapped, this data appears to be supplied by a protection device. The Z80 rom (used for sound) is a hack of the main program from Dynax's 'Dragon Punch' game.


- 0.102: Fixed user1 rom address to $400000.

- 0.101u5: Fixed user1 rom address to $40000.

- 0.96u1: Brad Oliver fixed big endian issues in Return of Lady Frog. Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 3MHz.

- 0.85u3: R. Belmont added preliminary sound and Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed numerous problems in Return of Lady Frog. Added Z80 (30MHz ?) CPU2 and YM2203 (3MHz) sound.

- 0.85u2: David Haywood update the Splash driver and The Return of Lady Frog is now playable. Added 32k user1 rom (protdata.bin).

- 2nd February 2004: Brian A. Troha moved Return of Lady Frog from the Dynax driver to the Splash driver, without any other changes.

- 0.75: Renamed (ladyfrog) to (roldfrog) and (ladyfrga) to (roldfrga) - the sets are not working.

- 0.74u2: Added 'The Return of Lady Frog' and clone (set 2).

- 15th February 2003: Guru - The Return of Lady Frog (Microhard 1993) arrived.

- 0.37b7: Added 'Dragon Punch? Lady Frog?' (Testdriver).


Romset: 4768 kb / 14 files / 3.26 zip