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Rohga Armor Force (Asia/Europe v5.0)

0.102 [Stefan Lindberg]

0.74u2 [Bryan McPhail]


- At the beginning of the mission 5 boss, the game itself throws an error and stops (but the music continues running). rohga : confirmed - rohga1 : played to the end without probs - rohga2 : confirmed - rohgau : played to the end without probs - rohgah : played thru all level 5, no probs. I just noticed that every set of rohga has different 68000 code from each other, maybe the protection could not be the same for all revisions. The protection on some of the deco games is pretty evil.. on double wings it gives jump addresses etc. on the bosses, and i think rohga does similar. I imagine it's giving an invalid jump address, jumping to it, and throwing the address exception (see INP and savestate). rohga0103u2red Twisty / Mamesick / Kold666 / Haze


- 0.102: Stefan Lindberg added Rohga Armor Force (Asia/Europe v5.0) and clone (Asia/Europe v3.0 Set 2). Renamed (rohga) to (rohga1).

- 31st August 2005: Dumping Project - Randy have won a DECO 'Wolf Fang' - it was a Rohga Armor Force, Wolf Fang is still wanted (Guru).

- 0.98u4: Changed description 'Rohga Armor Force'.

- 0.96u3: Brian Troha fixed dipswitches in Rohga Armour Force.

- 0.96u2: Yasuhiro Ogawa fixed dipswitches in Rohga Armour Force. Added dipswitches 'Player's Vitality', 'Allow Continue', 'Stage Clear Bonus', 'Enemy's Vitality', 'Enemy Encounter Rate', 'Enemy's Weapon Speed' and '2 Credits to Start, 1 to Continue'. Removed dipswitches 'Lives' and 'Difficulty'.

- 0.96: Bryan McPhail fixed Rohga Armour Force - Game now playable. Changed HuC6280 CPU2 clock speed to 8055000 Hz.

- 0.93: Changed second OKI6295 clock speed to 15255 Hz.

- 0.87: Bryan McPhail improve the Rohga driver. Rohga despite massive amounts of time spent on writing trojan's to probe the protection this still isn't complete. The game hangs at the end of level 5. A quick look at decoprot.c should reveal just how nasty this game is... Graphics emulation is complete but the priority register never seems to be written properly (protection?) so some things look wrong. Changed VSync to 58Hz and swaped sound1 rom with sound2.

- 0.74u2: Added Rohga Armour Force (Asia/Europe v3.0) and clones (Hong Kong v3.0) and (US v1.0).

- 25th January 2003: Bryan McPhail sent in a driver for Wizard Fire / Dark Seal 2 (works fully) and Rohga and Nitroball (not working because of protection).

- 9th December 2002: Guru - Dumped Rohga (Alt. version).

- 17th July 2001: Bryan McPhail has had some success with Rohga but it still suffers from unemulated protection.

Category: Jetman

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Romset: 11969 kb / 20 files / 4.0 zip