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Rock Duck (prototype?)

0.109u2 [Roberto Fresca, Tomasz Slanina, David Haywood]


* Check gfx roms (planes) order


- 0.109u2: Added Rock Duck (prototype?) (Datel SAS 1983). Rock Duck based on preliminary findings by Roberto Fresca. The roms were found in a bag of 'spare parts' for recycling with no PCB and is missing at least the colour prom. The hack was made using "Scrambled Egg" program roms instead of "Eggs". The code is almost identical to scregg except for a couple of changed zero page registers, some data for gfx, strings and two new subroutines.

- 7th October 2006: David Haywood - Rock Duck has long been a 'most wanted' PCB, recently MAME Italia came across some spare roms floating around labaled 'RD' and dumped them. Robbie identified these as 'Rock Duck', but didn't manage to get the game working properly. Tomasz Slanina then looked through some existing drivers and noticed similarities with the 'Eggs' hardware. The game infact appears to be a pretty bad hack of Scrambled Egg. I've descrambled the GFX roms (simple bitswap) and hooked it up to the driver. Colours are wrong because there was no prom with the set.

Romset: 49 kb / 7 files / 18.4 zip