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Robo Wres 2001

0.85u3 [Tomasz Slanina]


- 0.85u3: Added Robo Wres 2001 and clone Robo Wres 2001 (bootleg).

- 15th August 2004: Tomasz Slanina - Working on 'Robo Wres 2001'. Resets few secs after game start - problems with (annoying) ROM banking.

- 0.79u2: Dave Widel decode information for custom CPU used by robowrest2001.

- 18th February 2004: Dave Widel sent in the decryption of Robo Wrestle and Tomasz Slanina merged it with the Sega decryption functions.

- 14th July 2002: Guru - Robo Wres 2001 (Sega 1986) arrived and have been dumped.

LEVELS: 9 (endless)

Category: Wrestling

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Romset: 321 kb / 13 files / 127.3 zip