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Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94)

0.57 [Aaron Giles]


- revx, mk2, mk3, wwfmania, rmpgwt and maybe others games have problems with the DCS Sound System.


- Every time you finish a level, the game tallies up the score, kills, in a end level menu like Terminator 2. The end level menu doesn't show up, and all you see is a black screen except for the status bars at the top. You can here the soundfx of the end level menu while the menu is black. Not only that, but the screen stays black after, when you have to select levels or watching cut-scenes after the end level menu. Then everything returns to normal when you start a new level (see snapshot). revx060gre Nerox91


- 0.107u3: ClawGrip updated Revolution X input ports to use IPT_BILL1 for bill acceptors.

- 0.106u1: Changed input from lightgun to stick.

- 0.74: Changed ADSP2105 clock speed to 10MHz.

- 24th April 2003: Aaron Giles fixed the sound in Revolution X that got broken with the Mac changes.

- 0.63: Changed visible area to 400x254.

- 22nd November 2002: Aaron Giles fixed the security failure in Revolution X.

- 10th June 2002: Brad Oliver fixed bugs in the Revolution X driver and Atari RLE decoding that affected MacMAME.


Romset: 22528 kb / 44 files / 14.95 zip