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0.35b13 [Jarek Parchanski, Ricardo Fdez Vega, Lee Taylor]


- I derived the ROM names from the board diagram in the manual. There might be some mistakes. The diagram actually shows 4 PROMs on the ROM board (a37-17, -18, -19 and -20), while we only have one: 82s191n. I think it's possible that the single 2KB PROM replaced four 512B PROMs in a later revision of the board.

- The video hardware (especially the sprite system) is quite obviously derived from a Namco design.

- Two bits of tilemap RAM might be used for tile flip, but the game never sets them so we can't verify without schematics.

- We don't have a dump of the original MCU. We have a dump from a bootleg MCU, which however cannot be the same as the original. The game works fine with it, but only when the flip screen dip switch is set to off. If it is set to on, it hangs when starting a game because the mcu doesn't answer a command. See MCU code at $206 and $435: when the dip switch is on, the lda #$00 should be replaced by lda #$01.


- 0.35b13: Added retofinv.c driver. Jarek Parchanski (MAME driver), Ricardo Fdez Vega (hardware info) and Lee Taylor (hardware info).