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Raiden Fighters 2

0.96u1 [Brian Troha]

0.81 [Ville Linde]


- 0.98u3: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed sound banking in Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000.

- 0.96u1: Brian Troha added Raiden Fighters 2 (Tuning License). Renamed (rdft2a) to (rdft2a2) and (rdft2) to (rdft2a).

- 7th April 2005: Guru - Raiden Fighters 2 arrived, required for a ROM check/redump of the surface mounted ROMs. Thanks to R. Belmont!

- 0.93u2: Added clones Raiden Fighters 2 (Japan, SPI) and (Asia, Dream Island license, SPI).

- 0.93: Renamed (rf2_eur) to (rdft2), (rf2_2k) to (rdft22kc) and (rf2_us) to (rdft2us). Nicola Salmoria decrypted the graphics in all SPI games. Raiden Fighters 2 is now playable.

- 0.92u1: Raiden Fighters 2 decrypted sprites in clone Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000. Also added gfx2/3 roms (not dumped) to Raiden Fighters 2, using the rf2_2k ones (which are likely the same).

- 0.87u2: Ville Linde improve the SPI sprite decryption in rf2_2k. Fixed sound1 rom address to $100000 in rf2_us.

- 0.87u1: Ville Linde improve SPI decryption for rf2_2k.

- 0.84u3: Fixed sound1 rom address to $200000.

- 0.81u5: Ville Linde update the SPI system and sound starting to work in the single-board rf2_us.

- 0.81: Added Raiden Fighters 2 (EUR, SPI) and clones (US, Single Board) and Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000.

- 14th March 2004: Guru - Arrived and dumped Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000 Operation Hell Dive (Seibu 2000).


Category: Airforce 2

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Romset: 33472 kb / 18 files / 10.57 zip