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Rastan (World)

0.28 [Jarek Burczynski]


- 0.112u1: Gerald Coy added clone Rastan Saga (Japan Rev 1).

- 0.95u3: Bryan McPhail fixed rom names in Rastan.

- 0.90u3: Nicola Salmoria cleanup the Rastan driver, derived from schematics. Replaced ADPCM sound with MSM5205 (384000 Hz).

- 30th March 2001: David Graves and Jarek Burczynski fixed a few bugs and added state saving support to Rainbow Islands, Rastan and Operation Wolf.

- 0.37b11: Changed palettesize from 2048 to 8192 colors.

- 0.35b11: Nicola Salmoria added clones Rastan (US set 1) and (US set 2).

- 1st April 2000: Jarek Burczynski added cocktail mode to Rastan.

- 0.34b4: Brad Oliver fixed bug in the 68000 interrupt handling which causes Rastan Saga to not boot correctly. Juan Carlos Lorente added hiscore save in Rastan.

- 0.33b7: Nicola Salmoria added dynamic palette to Rastan.

- 0.31: Jarek Burczynski program a new YM2151 emulator, used by Rastan and others. Also fixed ADPCM sample support in Rastan. Barry Rodewald fixed crashes in Rastan. Aaron Giles added 16 bit color support for games which need it (e.g. Rastan, Gauntlet, Black Tiger, and many others).

- 0.30: Tatsuyuki Satoh added sound in Rastan.

- 0.29: Brad Oliver added clone 'Rastan Saga'. Rastan Saga doesn't always boot, use F3 to make it start. Note that Rastan requires some new ROMs as well, which were missing from the previous release.

- 0.28: Jarek Burczynski added Rastan (Taito 1987), the 68000 CPU was adapted from the System 16 Arcade Emulator by Thierry Lescot. The only known problem of this emulator is that it doesn't count CPU cycles, only instructions.


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Category: Warriors

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Romset: 1536 kb / 16 files / 510 zip