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Rampage (revision 3)

0.28 [Christopher Kirmse, Aaron Giles, Nicola Salmoria, Brad Oliver]


- 0.53: Changed palettesize from 128 to 64 colors.

- 0.36b7: Changed 68000 CPU2 clock speed to 8MHz.

- 0.35b5: Zsolt Vasvari added clone Rampage (revision 2).

- 26th February 1999: Zsolt Vasvari has added several clones (for Smash TV, Galaxian, Rampage, Satan's Hollow, Bosconian).

- 0.30: Aaron Giles added sound in Rampage.

- 0.28: Added Rampage (Bally Midway 1986). No sound (uses a 68000-based board).


- You must eat food to survive.

- Climb buildings and punch open windows to find food.

- Destroy all buildings to advance to next city.

- Some of the food items: Milk, Turkey and Hot Toast. Some hazardous items: Cactus, Poison and Toaster. Some of the Bonus items: Money Bag, Flower Pot and TV Off. Punch Items to grab them.

LEVELS: 768 (endless)

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* Retrocade

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Romset: 480 kb / 12 files / 249 zip