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0.36b1 [Oliver Bergmann, Bryan McPhail, Randy Mongenel]


- Add support for Coin Mode B


- The alternate hardware version is probably earlier than the main set. It looks closer to Dynamite Duke (1989 game), while the main set looks closer to the newer 68000 games in terms of graphics registers used, etc. As well as different graphics registers the alternate set has a different memory map, and different fix char layer memory layout!

- Coin inputs are handled by the sound CPU, so they don't work with sound disabled. Just put the game in Free Play mode.

- The country byte is stored at 0xffffd in the main cpu region, (that's 0x1fffe in program rom 4): 0x80 = World/Japan version? (Seibu Kaihatsu), 0x81 = USA version (Fabtek license), 0x82 = Taiwan version (Liang HWA Electronics license), 0x83 = Hong Kong version (Wah Yan Electronics license) and 0x84 = Korean version (IBL Corporation license). There are also strings for Spanish, Greece, Mexico, Middle & South America though it's not clear if they are used.

- The encryption method is based on code by Niclas Karlsson Mate, who figured it out. The technique is a combination of a XOR table plus bit-swapping.


- 4th December 2000: Bryan McPhail re-submitted the latest version of the Raiden driver updated to the newest beta, but unfortunately it still doesn't cure the slowdowns.

- 17th September 2000: Bryan McPhail fixed some bugs in Raiden (for example the alternate set works now).

- 0.36b1: Added raiden.c driver.