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0.77u2 [David Haywood]


- Raster effects (rabbit only?, see left side of one of the levels in rabbit)

- Clean up zoom code and make zoom effect more accurate

- Sound (adpcm of some kind)

- tilemap.c can't handle tiles with different transpens so we have to invert the tilegfx, this means we also have to invert the palette write addresses, low bits of the palette number for 4bpp tiles, the blitter data as it is read from the gfx roms, and the data read by the rom test.


- Driver based metro.c


- 0.86u4: R. Belmont hooked up EEPROM in rabbit driver.

- 20th July 2004: David Haywood fixed the background scrolling and priority in the Rabbit driver and added zooming to it.

- 19th July 2004: David Haywood added the background tilemaps to the Rabbit driver but they are not handled correctly yet.

- 18th July 2004: David Haywood made some more progress with the Rabbit driver, though a lot is still missing.

- 17th July 2004: David Haywood made some progress with the Rabbit driver and R. Belmont included some preliminary notes about its sound in the driver.