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Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou!! (Japan)

0.37b14 [Phil Stroffolino]

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- 15th January 2004: Guru - Quiz Tou (Namco 1995, NA2 hardware) arrived from Japan.

- 2nd March 2003: Phil Stroffolino sent in an update to the Namco NA-1/2 driver, fixing crash bugs in Tinkle Pit and Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou!! and sprite glitches in Numan Athletics.

- 16th September 2000: Phil Stroffolino sent in an improved Namco NA-1/2 driver, adding support for Exbania, Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou!!, Super World Court, F/A (Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Tinkle Pit and Emeraldia were added back in June).

Romset: 10256 kb / 13 files / 2.47 zip