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Q*bert's Qubes

0.24 [Fabrice Frances, Rodimus Prime]

Samples required (Q*bert)


- To enter your name in the high score list, use 1 or 2.


- 0.36b2: Added samples (fx_17a-fx_36.wav and knocker).

- 22nd July 1999: Fabrice Frances added quite some new samples to Q*Bert and Reactor.

- 0.33b3: Rodimus Prime put back sample support in Q*Bert Qubes.

- 0.35b13: Changed description to 'Q*bert's Qubes'.

- 0.29: Fabrice Frances added sound to Q*Bert Qubes. You just have to use Q*Bert's sound ROMs, they are the same.

- 0.28: Fabrice Frances added *emulated* sound to Q*Bert, Reactor, Krull and Mad Planets. The samples are no longer needed and may be removed. Q*Bert Qubes would work as well, if we had the sound ROM.

- 0.24: Fabrice Frances added support for Qbert Qubes (Mylstar 1983). Only hitch with the driver: You have to reset (F3) the game at first time when the empty supreme noser table appears, then the table will be correctly filled. Alternatively, you can insert a coin before this empty table appears... Hiscore save not supported yet.

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Romset: 108 kb / 12 files / 45.6 zip