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Q*bert (US set 1)

0.17 [Fabrice Frances]

Samples required


* Emulate Votrax SC-01 speech synthesizer


- The first time you run the game, you should go into service mode, select 4. Options/Parameters with key F1, reset the High Score Table to have the high score table properly initialized.

- To enter your name in the high score list, use 1 or 2.

- When the Auto Round Advance dipswitch is On, use 1 or 2 to advance to the following round. You also get infinite lives.


- According to this story on, Q*Bert (driver gottlieb.c) is supposed to say "Hello, I'm turned on" when it is powered up. This is not emulated. It's in the latest sample set from Dith (and you can hear in the sound test in the service mode). IIRC, MAME emulated the startup sound (as well as Q*Bert saying "Bye-Bye") a long time ago(probably about the time Dith updated the samples), but it is no longer there anymore. It is supposed to be there, however. Update: The "Hello, I'm turned on" sound does play in service mode (its sound code is 28). Another Update: I looked at a Q*bert instruction manual and this might be a clue to solve qbert37b14gre1. It states that when the game is powered-up there is a 10 second delay before attract mode starts. In qbert's MAME emulation the attract mode begins immediately. Maybe the "Hello I'm turned on" sound occurs during that 10-second absense? Also, the manual states "Depressing any control button - The instruction set will now appear on the playing field and follow through game play and strategies". To me that means that during attract mode if you press and control button the instructions will be display on screen but that doesn't occur. qbert37b14gre1 Kurushimi / The tECHIDNA / Randolph

- Q*bert's Qubes is missing sounds because the Q*bert sound roms are being used instead of the Q*bert's Qubes sound roms (which need to be dumped). Q*bert's Qubes is missing the sound of Q*bert tumbling off the cubes at the end of a level (sound code 29) and the sound of Q*bert being bounced back to the top after this (sound code 31). You can hear the two sounds in a recording from the arcade game here. Tumbling and bouncing sounds start at 9 seconds and are followed by the level end ditty. qbertqub0109u4gre sxvious


- 0.107u4: Aaron Giles modified the Q*Bert driver to signal a "knocker0" output when the knocker is triggered.

- 0.101u1: Kevin Jonas fixed Q*bert knocker sample connection.

- 0.82u3: Added clone 'Q*bert Board Input Test Rom'.

- 0.78u1: Smitdogg added clone Q*bert (US set 2).

- 0.76: Added clone Q*bert (early test version).

- 14th October 2003: Peter Rittwage submitted an addition of Q*bert test ROMs.

- 0.68: Added clone Mello Yello Q*bert.

- 7th April 2003: David Haywood added Mello Yello Q*bert to the Gottlieb driver.

- 15th April 2001: Nicola Salmoria fixed an i8086 CPU core bug which broke the high score screen in Q*Bert.

- 0.36b12: Andrea Mazzoleni added the possibility to use a multiple keys or joysticks sequence to drive a generic action. This can be handy with consoles or cabinets with a limited number of buttons, to reuse all buttons with only one extra button, like a shift key. For example the COIN1 action can be mapped to the "Player 1 Fire" plus the "Extra Shift Button". It can also be used to map Q*Bert movements to joystick diagonals (since the orginal used a joystick rotate 45 degrees).

- 0.36b2: Added samples (fx_17a-fx_36.wav and knocker.wav).

- 22nd July 1999: Fabrice Frances added quite some new samples to Q*Bert and Reactor.

- 0.35RC1: Added dipswitches 'Demo Sounds' and 'Cabinet'.

- 0.35b13: Changed description to 'Q*bert'.

- 26th March 1999: Juergen Buchmueller fixed the Gottlieb games (Q*Bert, Reactor).

- 0.31: John Butler and Howie Cohen added back speech sample support to Q*Bert.

- 0.28: Fabrice Frances added *emulated* sound to Q*Bert, Reactor, Krull and Mad Planets. The samples are no longer needed and may be removed. Please do not complain because there is no speech in Q*Bert. We are aware of that.

- 0.20: Fabrice Frances fixed some bugs in Q*Bert.

- 0.19: Fabrice Frances fixed the Qbert driver.

- 0.18: Fabrice Frances submitted a much faster version of the 8086 emulation. Q*Bert now runs at full speed with -frameskip 1 on my 486/100. Nicola rotated the controls for Q*Bert.

- 0.17: Fabrice Frances added a driver for Q*Bert (Gottlieb 1982) and clone Q*Bert (Japanese). The Intel 8086 CPU emulator comes from David Hedley's IBM PC Emulator (pcemu), heavily modified in order to allow memory-mapped I/O and interfaced to MAME by Fabrice Frances. They run quite slowly on Nicola's 486/100 (~25 fps) but are playable. Q*Bert has sound too (with samples). Fabrice Frances used his own 6502 emulator in order to compute the digital effects because the clock emulation is much more precise and allows to put timestamps on amplitude DAC writes. MAME doesn't allow to compute the digital effects in real time like Euphoric so the effects are provided as precomputed samples (some of them are quite big, he should convert them to 22kHz).

ARCADE RELEASE: Q*bert (Konami distributed it in Japan) - 1983/Feb


- Jump on squares to change them to the target color.

- Stay on playfield! Jumping off results in a fatal plumment unless a disk is there.

- Avoid all objects and creatures that are not green.

- Use spinning disks to lure snake to his death.

- Extra life at 8000 and each additional 14000.

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Romset: 68 kb / 11 files / 25.3 zip