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Power Instinct 2 (US, Ver. 94/04/08)

0.72 [Olivier Galibert, ShiRiRu]


- 0.103u1: Changed clock speed of the 2x OKI6295 to 18181 Hz.

- 0.100: Changed description of clone 'Power Instinct 2 (Japan)' to 'Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 (Japan)'.

- 0.99u10: EGCG added clone Power Instinct 2 (Japan).

- 0.97u2: Sonikos updated the sound balancing in DonPachi, Mazinger Z, Metamoqester and Power Instinct 2.

- 21st July 2003: Shiriru fixed the graphics in Power Instinct 2.

- 14th July 2003: Olivier Galibert decrypted the sprites in Power Instinct 2 and David Haywood fixed the corrupt tiles in it, but priorities and palettes are not working yet.

Category: Fighter

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Romset: 29312 kb / 20 files / 14.4 zip