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Pushman (Korea, set 1)

0.79 [?]

0.37b8 [Bryan McPhail]


- Set 'Debug Mode' dipswitch to ON and you can advances a level with P1 Button 2 or go back with P1 Button 3.

- Appears to have 2 player support but player 2's game seems inaccessible. Insert one coin in each slot, you will see it ask 1 or 2 player. Press Player 2 Start. The game works in this really stupid (fact, not opinion) manner: Player 1, using Player 1 controls, plays his entire game, enters initials for high score, continues if desired. When done, Player 2, using a separate set of controls, plays the game. TriggerFin


- Possible bad dump? I realize that it mentions that there's problems with the tilemaps on "later levels" (specifically, 5-1 and 5-2), but the author of the driver attributes it to possibly the cheats. I'm pretty sure that it's because of a bad dump, though, of the ROM that contains the tilemaps - the last 20% or so of it is totally blank (null bytes). pushman058ora Ashuime


- 0.94u5: Brian Troha fixed dipswitches in Pushman. Added dipswitches 'Pull Option', 'Flip Screen' and 'Difficulty'.

- 0.92: Added clone Pushman (Korea, set 2).

- 17th December 2004: Dumping Project - Randy have won on eBay the missing version of Comad's 'Pushman' we were looking for.

- 7th February 2005: Guru - Pushman (Comad, x2) arrived and dumped. Purchased by Randy on eBay.

- 0.91: Andreas Thorsen added missing cpu1 rom ($1) and mcu rom from clone pushmans - Game now playable.

- 0.79: Added Pushman (Comad 1990).

- 23rd January 2004: Aaron Giles fixed Pushman.

- 0.62: Changed Z80 CPU3 to CPU2 and swaped CPU2/3 roms.

- 0.37b8: Bryan McPhail added Pushman (Comad 1990 (American Sammy license)). Issues: The microcontroller mainly controls the animation of the enemy robots, the communication between the 68000 and MCU is probably not emulated 100% correct but it works. Later levels (using the cheat mode) seem to have some corrupt tilemaps, I'm not sure if this is a driver bug or a game bug from using the cheat mode. Text layer banking is wrong on the continue screen.

- 10th September 2000: Bryan McPhail sent a driver for Pushman.

Romset: 740 kb / 14 files / 141.5 zip