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Point Blank 2 (GNB5/VER.A)

0.104u5 [smf]

0.92 [smf]


- 0.104u5: Added Point Blank 2 (GNB5/VER.A). Renamed (ptblank2) to (ptblnk2a). Olivier Galibert, Duddie and smf hooked up the light gun in Point Blank 2.

- 12th January 2006: Guru - A few packages arrived containing Point Blank 2 (Namco System 12). Most of these came from our Korean contact and a couple came from ebay purchased by Randy or Brian T.

- 14th January 2005: Guru - Dumped Point Blank 2.

- 29th November 2004: Guru - We finally won Point Blank 2 (Namco 1999, System11) on Ebay.

Category: Shooting 2

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Romset: 25088 kb / 6 files / 14.25 zip