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Primal Rage (version 2.3)

0.60 [Aaron Giles]


* Full Protection


- 0.114: Couriersud added general save state support to the atarigen module.

- 0.78: Renamed clone (primrag2) to (primraga).

- 25th November 2003: Peter Gurris fixed the input ports in X-day 2 and Primal Rage.

- 0.77: Added TMS32031 (33868800Hz) CPU2 and Custom stereo sound. Changed cpu2 roms to user1/2 roms with address changes.

- 7th November 2003: Aaron Giles added the CAGE sound system emulation to Primal Rage (and a bunch of non-working drivers).

- 0.60: Added Primal Rage (version 2.3) and clone Primal Rage (version 2.0).

- 12th April 2002: Aaron Giles converted all the Atari drivers for the tilemap system and added some protection workarounds for Primal Rage and Road Riot's Revenge, but neither of them is perfect.

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Romset: 33922 kb / 40 files / 23844.42 zip