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Portraits (set 1)

0.74u2 [Steve Ellenoff]


- 0.84u3: Added clone Portraits (set 2). Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed scrolling, screen resolution and service switches and coins. Added NVRAM, missing roms and fake photo (when you get the best score). Replaced DAC sound with I8039 (3120000) and TMS5220 (640000), changed visible area to 320x432 and added missing cpu2, user1 and proms.

- 23rd May 2003: Phil Stroffolino fixed the graphics in Portraits, it's playable now but there are still some problems with the scrolling.

- 21st May 2003: Steve Ellenoff submitted a very preliminary driver for Portraits, it's not playable at all yet.

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Romset: 137 kb / 22 files / 54.4 zip